To add business card choose an image file and submit the form.

An attempt to recognize text will be performed, in assumption of language which is set in user settings as preferred recognition language. If a user did not set preferred recognition language then current site language is used. The default site language setting is also in user profile.

If a business card use two languages select two languages on the card edit page after initial recognition. For example English is required to recognize email and web addresses.

Then edit recognized text: correct typos, remove waste characters and lines, specify item title.

Check the "Extract contacts from raw text" flag and click the form save button.

An attempt to recognize contact type of text lines will be performed.

Change contact types, if needed. Clear raw text field, if it's unnessesary.

In the card storage you can search contacts by word or part of word and use a form for batch management: privacy, deletion, sticking. View full item content on clicking a thumbnail or a title.

Privacy: information you have added of your account is private by default, no other users can access text or pictures. You can set one or more materials public, then it will be available for any person who knows the exact page URL.

Pricing. The service is on the phase of testing and study of demand and is free of charge.